The Fenchurch neighbourhood includes approximately 400 new houses, supported by placemaking initiatives. This includes a mix of private market, state and affordable homes. Residents have now moved into the first of these homes and all new homes are expected to be completed in late 2020. Plans are also underway for a new park on Aveline Place. 

During the initial neighbourhood engagement, we asked Fenchurch residents about their priorities and they said they needed an early childhood education centre and increased safety at the Fenchurch Scout Hall.

As a result, our first neighbourhood projects included establishing Glenbrae KIDS Early Learning Centre and refurbishing the scout hall, which is now a community hall called Te Whare Piringa – Our Place. This was followed by building new state homes on vacant land.


Glenbrae KIDS Early Learning Centre

Glenbrae KIDS Early Learning Centre, which opened in April 2015, has reached an important milestone and is at capacity, with 60 children enrolled. The centre was co-funded by TRC and the Ministry of Education. TRC appointed Totara Seed Trust, a local provider, to run the centre and handled the planning and project management of the build.

Te Whare Piringa community hall

Te Whare Piringa – Our Place (the former Scout Hall) has become a hub of activity and networking since opening in early 2015. A governance committee of local residents was appointed to run the community hub and groups are using it for a variety of activities.

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Fenchurch Stages

An overview of what's happening across the different sites in Fenchurch.

Site 1A: Tuturiwhatu Lane is situated off Taniwha Street and contains 11 homes. The houses were built by Housing New Zealand and completed in late 2015.

Site 1B: 21 new homes were built on a 4,430sqm site between Taniwha Street and Sunnymead Road. The houses were built by Housing New Zealand and completed in early 2016.

Site 2A: TRC has partnered with Mike Greer Homes to build 58 new homes. These will include 17 new state homes and a mix of affordable and full market homes. The first homes in the stage have been completed and additional  new houses are scheduled for completion in mid 2019. 

Fenchurch Park 2B: TRC has partnered with RPV RAWA to develop 114 new homes and a new neighbourhood park. The first homes in this stage have been completed and the additional houses are expected to be completed in mid 2020. These will be a mix of terraced and standalone houses.

The children at Glenbrae Primary School contributed ideas for the design of the park, which will include facilities for young children. 


Site 3A: We have partnered with Classic Building Group to complete 30 new homes. This site includes the neighbourhood’s first apartment units which includes a mix of private, affordable and state homes.

Site 3B: Tamaki Regeneration has resource consent for 19 new homes and is in the process of selecting a development partner.

Site 3C: Mike Greer Homes has completed 10 new homes, which are a mixture of state and private homes. Two of these houses have been sold as affordable homes.

Sites 4A and B: Site 4 will be developed in two stages, containing 30 and 41 houses respectively. Civil works are underway.

A new green space has been planned which will be managed by Auckland Transport and available for residents to use.

Site 5A: This site includes 30 new homes located between Sunnymead Road and Taniwha Street. An existing walkway will be replaced by a linear park from Sunnymead Road through to Taniwha Street. The park is designed to provide safe passage for pedestrians.

Site 5B: Situated at the edge of the neighbourhood boundary, bordered by Mansfield Street, Taniwha Street and Sunnymead Road. It will contain 28 new homes.

Civil construction for both stages has commenced and the new homes are expected to be completed in mid 2020.

Site 5C: TRC is partnering with the New Zealand Housing Foundation to develop 12 new homes which will include, market, state and affordable homes. It is expected that all 12 houses will be completed in mid 2019.

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