Tenancy Management Partner

Partner Opportunities

Tenancy management services for our portfolio are currently provided through Tāmaki Housing Association (THA).

THA is focused on delivering an innovative tenancy management approach based on supporting successful tenancies and being responsive to social housing tenants needs. THA works alongside Tamaki Regeneration Company (TRC) and other partners to make a positive difference to the lives of our tenants.

Over the next 10 to 15 years the majority of Tāmaki’s social houses will be replaced with warm, dry and modern homes. Tenancy services will be a key part of Tāmaki’s physical and social regeneration. 

TRC has begun a process to find a strategic partner of suitable scale and capability to deliver improved services to tenants. The new partner could acquire all or part of THA, and will be expected to build on the current operations, and improve tenancy management services over time. They will need to have strong governance and the financial capability and capacity to operate under a comprehensive performance regime.

TRC invited indications of interest from suitable organisations by publicising on GETS on 10 March 2017. Responses were due on
6 April 2017 and TRC is now evaluating the responses received.