TRC has started talking to residents from the neighbourhood around Hinaki Street about upcoming regeneration. Following initial neighbourhood sessions, plans have been developed for the area including warm, dry homes, a new street layout and improvements to Boundary Reserve. 

Over the next four years, approximately 50 existing housing sites along parts of Pilkington Road, Tripoli Road, Torino Street, Parata Street and Hinaki Street will be developed into a mix of state, affordable and private market homes.

Demolition activity has been completed across the first development stage, with construction scheduled to start in late 2018.


Hinaki neighbourhood

Community spaces: you talked to us about safety in Boundary Reserve and the need for places for children to play. Feedback included “Parks are boring. We go to Stonefields" and “Boundary reserve is not safe to use.”

What's possible: a Hinaki extension to Boundary Reserve, making the reserve more visible and accessible. We are working with Auckland Council to see what’s possible in this space. 

Safe connections: you talked to us about how roads and walkways could be improved. Fedd back included: "make paths more suitable for prams, bikes and safer to use" and "lighting of paths at night time".

What's possible: a new street layout the in the Hinaki neighbourhood, and wide shared spaces are well-lit and suitable for walking and cycling.



A mix of well designed warm, dry, modern houses will be developed into a combination of state, affordable and private market homes.

Views of the proposed development from the north, and from the south.

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