House demolition process

This process ensures that houses are demolished or removed in a safe and efficient way and minimises disruption for neighbours. You can expect to see contractors on site during normal working hours, Monday to Saturday.


Before demolition/removal

2-4 weeks before the demolition date

  • Power, water, storm water, sewage and telephone services are disconnected.
  • All houses are surveyed for potential contamination by an independent company regardless of whether it is suspected. Workers wear protective clothing and masks to carry out the surveying as part of health and safety requirements. Any samples collected during the survey are tested by an independent IANZ accredited laboratory.
  • Site preparation is carried out by the demolition contractor and may include erecting temporary fences (if not already installed), an initial assessment and clearing the site.
  • Some entire houses are identified for removal. These are removed prior to demolition starting. The houses are loaded onto transport trucks during the day and depart from the site at night to minimise traffic disruption. House removal contractors are requested to be as quiet as possible and show consideration for the adjacent property owners.



Approximately two weeks’ duration

  • Any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, are removed by organisations licenced by WorkSafe NZ for the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials. Workers will take the necessary precautions to ensure their own safety and that of the surrounding neighbourhood. 
  • A clearance inspection is undertaken and a clearance certificate is issued by an independent asbestos assessor before the main house demolition occurs.
  • Some items may be removed for recycling.
  • A digger is usually used to bring the house structure down.
  • Physical materials are removed. These are then sorted into recycled materials and general waste.


After demolition

  • A final site clearance inspection will be completed to confirm that all building demolition debris has been removed from the site.
  • The site will be left in a condition that can be maintained. This may require grass seed to be laid.
  • If soil testing has shown contamination in some areas, some soil may be removed.
  • Lawns will be mowed regularly until redevelopement starts.
  • Temporary fencing may remain in place, depending on the specific site. 
  • We try and minimise the time a site is vacant before redevelopment.


Vandalism, dumping and suspicious or illegal activities

Please report any unwanted activities such as vandalism, theft, illegal access and dumping to TRC on 521 5221. Please report any suspicious or illegal activities to the Police on 302 6400.


Asbestos removal

Frequently asked questions about asbsestos