Buying a market affordable home

First home buyer information

Who is eligible?

To qualify you’ll need to be:

  1. A first time home buyer who has not owned property in New Zealand or overseas, 
  2. A New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident, residing in New Zealand, and,
  3. Earning less than $130,000 (as a couple or individual)


 You will also need to:

  1. Live in your affordable home for a minimum of three years,
  2. Buy the home in your name(s) and not in a trust or other entity (such as a company), and,
  3. Prove that you have enough savings and finance to buy a Tāmaki Affordable Home including mortgage pre-approval by a lender (bank).

 You’ll need to sign a legal document called a statutory declaration to declare that your application information is true and correct. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your application.

If you think you are eligible, please click here to apply.

What's the process?

  1. Talk to your bank: it’s important to speak with your bank or mortgage broker early in the process to establish how much you can borrow and how much you will need for a deposit. You may also be eligible for government grants such as the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant and/or Welcome Home Loan.

  2. Apply online: fill out the application form

  3. Collect supporting documents: you’ll need to provide evidence of your financial situation including your savings and income.

  4. Complete the statutory declaration. Once you have your supporting documents you’ll need to sign the statutory declaration in front of an authorised person, such as a Justice of the Peace.

  5. Submit your application: send your information to Please allow a couple of weeks for your application to be processed.

  6. Letter of eligibility: if Tāmaki Regeneration deem you as an eligible Tāmaki Affordable Homes buyer we will send you a letter of eligibility.

  7. Register your interest with developers: now you can visit the developers and find out more about the affordable homes they are building

If you think you are eligible, please click here to apply.

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