Supporting private property owners during development


With extensive change and development occurring in Tāmaki, we acknowledge that private property owners will have questions, and sometimes concerns about TRC’s project and the impact on their properties.

Despite best efforts, occasionally earthworks may result in damage to neighbouring properties. As the organisation responsible for the regeneration of Tāmaki, the Tāmaki Regeneration Company wants to assure private owners whose homes may be damaged by earthworks that we will take full responsibility for resolving any issues.

TRC has committed to engaging openly and transparently with our private residents, and in particular:

  • Prior to any development works occurring in your area, one of TRC’s Team will visit you. This person will be your key point of contact during the development process. 
  • TRC recognises that protecting your property is a priority during the construction period.
  • To support this, TRC will arrange for, and cover the costs of, a pre-development works inspection of your property. This survey will be carried out by a registered surveyor.
  • Once development of your area has completed, if you believe your property has been impacted by TRC’s development works, you should immediately raise this with us. 
  • TRC has clear processes in place to ensure we can support property owners to resolve issues resulting from our development works, as efficiently as possible.

TRC and its development partners are committed to taking all reasonable care when conducting development works. These additional measures have been taken to provide private property owners with comfort that TRC is committed to supporting the resolution of any issues resulting from our development works.

If you have any questions, please contact us.