Official Information Requests

Requesting Information

Tāmaki Regeneration Company is subject to the Official Information Act (OIA).

This means information that TRC, or its subsidiary Tāmaki Housing, holds is official information that can be requested for release. According to our policy, we will aim to release official information as quickly as practically possible when we receive a request.

Please note official information may be withheld from release where good reason exists under the OIA to do so and if there is no greater public interest favouring release. For example, information may be withheld if it is commercially sensitive or if it would breach the privacy of another person by releasing it.

You may request official information verbally, however it will assist our processing of your request if you are able to:

  • put your request in writing; and
  • specify that it is a request for official information under the OIA

If you do make your request in writing, you can email us.