Families get new fridges and washing machines

10 DEC, 2018

Ten Tāmaki families have received a new washing machine or fridge which were gifted to the Tāmaki Community Development Trust (TCDT) for local whānau in need.

The donation from Mike Greer Homes NZ Ltd. of five fridge/freezers and five washing machines is part of their contract with Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) called the Contribution clause.  The Tāmaki contribution identifies ways in which TRC suppliers/partners can contribute to the community that is above and beyond the construction work they are doing.

One of the first to receive a new Fisher and Paykel fridge was Panmure resident Alyson Penina, pictured with Josh Gallagher,  Development Manager, North Island, at Mike Greer NZ Limited, and Matthew Bycroft, Branch Manager Glen Innes,  Mike Greer NZ Limited, and Tracey Wakefield, Practice Leader TCDT.

The Tāmaki contribution was established to capitalise on the expertise and skills of Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) partners and suppliers, mobilising a direct contribution to the Tāmaki community, in addition to contracted goods or services to TRC.

“It allows us to make a more personal contribution to the community in a way that rings true for us,” says Josh.  “Along with the white goods, MGH is also employing several young people in the Tāmaki community to help them on their way to potential future full-time employment in the trades, having already successfully employed 1 person in a full-time apprenticeship role with one of our main contractors. Along with TRC, we aim to deliver more quality housing to the area.”

“We are incredibly grateful for this generous gift,” says Tracey. “We hope that these appliances will help make the lives of the families we work with a little bit easier at this often stressful time of year. We especially appreciate that these are new quality appliances and our families will be able to get plenty of use from them.”

The Tāmaki contribution is a commitment from TRC’s suppliers/partners to do a bit more for social and economic outcomes in the area.  And it has proven to be a well-received plan where others can spread the wealth and provide much needed support as people make the transition into new homes. 

It is an example of how regeneration equips local whānau with the tools they need to be successful while simultaneously accelerating improvements in social and economic outcomes.

Some of the contribution areas to support include:

  • Providing local schools with back-to-school basics such as stationary, new uniforms and PE gear, togs and shoes
  • Providing career mentoring/University mentoring
  • Providing conference fees for local youth to participate in national/regional sports competitions
  • Offering Internships/cadetships and other training opportunities
  • Initiating clean-ups and new planting at the beach or in the basin, Omaru stream and reserve
  • Building fruit and veggie gardens for schools
  • Supporting community gardens and landscaping