Opportunity knocks for Paulo

14 DEC, 2020 | Tāmaki News
Scott Morgan

The Covid-19 lockdown in March didn’t stop Paulo Fa’aleag’a from starting a brand new career thanks to the Tamaki Job & Skills Hub.

He’s now a production assistant at Chant Productions, a Mt Wellington-based manufacturer of hardware for residential, commercial and marine applications, which includes designer door handles, knobs and doors.
And he’s not alone - during the two lockdowns in 2020, the hub put 12 people into work.
Paulo has been in the role for about six months, after a short period out of work, which coincided with the first lockdown. He says it wasn’t the easiest of times, but the hub was incredible in the ways it ensured he got a quality job. “I won’t say the lockdown was good or alright - we were coping. But we had used all the money we received from my last job,” he says. “I’m so glad we have the hub in our community. They were a lot of help and they even called me during the middle of the lockdown saying there was another job coming up. I couldn’t believe they were still working - and they helped with everything, including my CV.”
For Paulo, a former woodworking teacher and qualified engineer originally from Samoa, finding a job locally has been an added bonus. “Without them [the Tamaki Job & Skills Hub], I would have never discovered that there’s such a nice company around the corner from my place. I enjoy coming into work every day, it’s exciting learning something new and on top of that, it’s like a small family here.” 
Doreen Chant is the co-owner of the business, which her husband Graeme started from his garage just under 25 years ago. Doreen says Paulo has been an excellent addition to their team, and just one of many great employment matches made with the help of the hub. “We’ve done well from them, with a number of people that we have here. I think what’s helped is that they have built that relationship with us deliberately. We talk to them all the time, not just when we’ve got vacancies but just to atch up to see how we’re getting on and they forward a lot of extra information, particularly during Covid. It’s more of a relationship, rather than what you get with a recruitment agency where you don’t necessarily have that relationship, so they are actually our recruiters of choice.” 
Chant production manager Ken Ritchie says Paulo has fitted into their work environment really well. “When I interviewed Paulo, he came across as someone who was very upfront, who gave me a sense of dependability and someone who was confident in his ability. He had a wider skillset in engineering, and he’s well-qualified, so we’re very fortunate to get Paulo,” says Ken. “It’s really because the hub understood our requirements and needs and they’ve got that ability to match suitable people for us. They help us identify what we want and what we don’t want - so it streamlines the process.” Tamaki Jobs & Skills Hub manager Alice Taupau says it is great that Paulo has been able to settle in so well with Chant Productions. “Paulo is a really great guy. The team is proud of Paulo and we will continue to be available to support him and Chant Productions.” 

The Tamaki Jobs & Skills Hub has been running since 2013. It helps job seekers get work ready by offering support with writing CVs, providing career advice, applying for jobs online, driver licence training, job matching, and mentoring. It connects people to a range of industries including logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and administration, among others. The hub also has a strong focus on helping job seekers find training opportunities if they want to work in a different industry. 

You can visit the hub at:
54 Mayfair Place, Glen Innes
Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm
0800 JOB HUB