'People first' winning hearts and minds in Tāmaki

5 DEC, 2018

This is the sixth in a series of articles created with help from Tāmaki Regeneration Company. The need to communicate effectively is pressing in a community in which major change is inevitable. Tāmaki’s ageing social housing stock is being replaced as part of a major regeneration project, meaning most residents will ultimately be re-housed. That prospect can be unsettling. For the Tāmaki Housing Association,  which is tasked with managing both existing tenancies and new ones that come on line as the new housing stock is built, it makes communication vital.

One of Auckland’s most diverse communities, Tāmaki’s social housing population of around 8000 boasts 10 different first languages. The tenancy managers of the Tāmaki Housing Association – the division of TRC that manages 2600 tenancies and is also responsible for the relocation of tenants into new homes – can speak all but one of them.

Of the THA’s 24 tenancy managers, 20 are fluent in another language. They’ve got Samoan, Niuean and Mandarin covered. The odd one out is Burmese – and they’re working on it.

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