Regeneration: Neighbourhoods update

11 DEC, 2017 | Tāmaki News

TRC takes a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood approach to understand the specific needs, opportunities and challenges of each area and the families who live there.

Work is now well underway in the Glen Innes neighbourhoods of Fenchurch, Overlea and Line/Epping. Construction is expected to start in the Derna/Tobruk and Armein areas in Panmure in early-2018 and the Hinaki neighbourhood in Pt England in mid-2018. Next year, we are also expecting to start construction on two small developments in Farringdon Street, Glen Innes and Tamatea Avenue in Pt England.

Our development partner Creating Communities Limited (CCL) has been busy building social, affordable and private market houses in the area since 2014. CCL’s developments in Glen Innes and Wai o Taiki Bay are now nearing completion.

We understand construction works can be very disruptive. We are committed to working with the local community and will make sure residents are informed about what’s happening at each stage of the programme.

Glen Innes neighbourhoods

A. Fenchurch neighbourhood

Approximately 400 new homes will be built in the Fenchurch neighbourhood over the next three years. Over 70 new homes have now been completed and the residents who have moved into them are enjoying their warm, modern homes. Based on a suggestion from residents, an early learning centre called Glenbrae KIDS was opened in Fenchurch in 2015. The old scout hall was also refurbished and is now a community hall called Te Whare Piringa – Our Place.

House construction is continuing on the large site next to Tāmaki College and on the Fenchurch Park site directly across the road. Civil construction is currently underway on the remaining sites and all new homes are expected to be completed in late 2019. Plans are also underway for a new park on Aveline Place. 

B. Overlea neighbourhood

Resource consent has been granted for 137 new homes to be built in the Overlea neighbourhood. The phased building programme will see approximately 70 of these homes being constructed in the first stage, with civil works complete and house building expected to begin in late 2017.

The second stage in Overlea South will provide for approximately 50 new homes. Civil works are expected to be completed by the end of this year. The masterplan for the third stage in northern Overlea is being redesigned due to changes in the development boundaries and a development partner is expected to be appointed in early 2018.

D. Line/Epping neighbourhood

Following neighbourhood sessions with the residents around Line Road and Epping Street, TRC has developed a plan for the neighbourhood which was granted resource consent in August 2017. This plan includes the construction of 120 new, quality homes, as well creating strong connections between the existing neighbourhood and Taniwha Reserve.

Work on this plan is now underway with house demolitions completed and earthworks due to begin by the end of the year. The new homes are expected to be completed in late 2020.

F. Northern Glen Innes neighbourhood

TRC’s development partner Creating Communities Limited has nearly completed its northern Glen Innes housing project. All 34 of the affordable homes for first home buyers have been sold. To date, five houses have been built for Accessible Properties and 76 of the 78 social homes for Tāmaki Regeneration are complete. The foundations for the last two social homes are currently being prepared on Melling Street. 

The bulk of the remaining activity is associated with the sale and construction of private homes, most immediately with the launch of 11 terrace homes which have been completed near the town centre on Eastview Road, overlooking the reserve.

 G. Wai o Taiki Bay neighbourhood

Creating Communities is also well advanced in the process of building 100 high quality family homes in Wai-o-Taiki Bay. Many have sold already, but eight homes on Lyndhurst St are currently being marketed. A further eight homes on Fernwood Place are in the final stages of construction, and will be available for sale early in the New Year.

To support the sale of the remaining private homes, Creating Communities has opened a sales office at 129 Apirana Ave. If you are interested in knowing more about what is selling, please drop by for a chat.

H. Farringdon Street development

This small development is located at 71-75 Farringdon Street and includes three existing houses which will be redeveloped into approximately 11 new homes.

The new homes are expected to be terraced houses, spread evenly across the three sites. House demolition is underway, with civil construction activities expected to begin in early 2018.

Point England neighbourhoods

E. Hinaki neighbourhood

Following initial neighbourhood sessions, plans have been developed for the area including warm, dry homes, a new street layout and improvements to Boundary Reserve. 

Over the next four years, approximately 50 existing housing sites along parts of Pilkington Road, Tripoli Road, Torino Street, Parata Street and Hinaki Street will be developed into a mix of social, affordable and private market homes. The first houses are due to be demolished in late 2017 with construction expected to begin on the first stage in mid-2018.

I. Tamatea Avenue development

This small development is located at 7-11 Tamatea Avenue and includes three existing houses which will be redeveloped into approximately 10 new homes.

The new homes are expected to be terraced houses, spread evenly across the three sites. Construction activities are expected to start by mid-2018 with the new homes completed in 2019.

Panmure neighbourhoods

C. Derna/Torbruk neighbourhood

Approximately 100 new homes will be built in the Derna/Tobruk area over the next three years. Plans for stage one have now been developed with 19 new homes planned for the area around Sollum and Tobruk roads. House demolition is now underway in this stage, with construction activities in Derna and Tobruk Roads expected to begin in mid-2018.

A health and education hub at Tāmaki Primary School is also being planned for this neighbourhood. The hub will deliver services which make sure children have the best possible start in life. It will provide early childhood education, family health and wellbeing services and will include spaces that can be hired by the community.

H. Armein neighbourhood

TRC has begun conversations with residents in and around Dunkirk and Armein Roads to find out more about their needs and aspirations for their area. This feedback has been used to develop a regeneration plan for the neighbourhood and more engagement is planned over the next few months. House demolition is expected to be underway in lower Dunkirk Road in the New Year, and construction activities are expected to begin in Armein Rd in mid-2018.

Town centres 

Glen Innes Town Centre

TRC has begun initial work on revitilising Glen Innes Town Centre in partnership with the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board and the Glen Innes Business Association.This project will include a range of improvements to the town centre. 

There has been a variety of community engagement activities about the town centre over the last few years. TRC first talked with the local community about what they wanted to see in the Glen Innes Town Centre in 2013. This year, we have had more conversations with local residents about the town centre, including online surveys, workshops with community stakeholders and conversations at community meetings.

The Glen Innes community has told us that we need to:

  • Improve safety in the town centre (especially at night)
  • Improve connections within the town centre and to the wider area
  • Make the town centre cleaner and more attractive
  • Have more activities for young people
  • Cater for everyone’s shopping needs

The draft development plan will provide guidelines for future developments in the town centre. The plan is expected to be completed in mid-2018 and we'll talk to residents about it later in the year.

Panmure town centre

Panuku Development Auckland is leading the regeneration of Panmure town centre in partnership with the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board, Tāmaki Regeneration Company, Auckland Transport, and Auckland Council.

A big thank you to the local community who participated in the Panmure Town Centre survey and attended the information sessions on 26 and 28 October. Panuku received a fantastic response with 300 surveys submitted to date. It truly reflects the passion the local community has for the town centre and its future.

The community feedback is really valuable in helping shape the future plans for Panmure Town Centre over the next 25 years. Panuku will be back in February 2018 to get community input on the draft plan.

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