Regeneration Update

26 AUG, 2019 | Tāmaki News

TRC takes a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood approach to understand the specifi c needs, opportunities and challenges of each area and the families who live there. Development work is well underway in Glen Innes, with early construction activities also starting in Pt England and Panmure.

We understand construction works can be very disruptive. We are committed to working with the local community and will make sure residents are informed about what’s happening at each stage of the programme.
Visit the neighbourhoods and developments page for more information at:

Fenchurch neighbourhood
About 400 new homes will be built in the Fenchurch neighbourhood in the next two years. More than 200 houses, including over 80 state homes, have been completed so far. The Housing Foundation completed 12 new homes in Fenchurch recently up the top of Sunnymead Road on the western side. Construction has begun on more than 50 homes on sites at the top of Sunnymead Road on the eastern side, with a mix of affordable, social/state and private properties being built. This includes some properties off ered under its shared equity scheme, where families and the foundation both take a share in the property, with the family increasing its stake over time. House construction is continuing on the large site next to Tāmaki College. Civil construction on the remaining sites is fi nished and all new homes are expected to be completed in 2020. The new pocket park on Aveline Place is now open for community use, with the naming process underway.

Overlea neighbourhood
Over 130 new homes will be built in the Overlea neighbourhood. Nine houses have been completed in Overlea Central to date, with six more under construction by Mike Greer homes. Consent for more is being sought. Construction of 16 houses has also begun in Overlea South. Go to for more information. A plan for Overlea North is currently being developed.

Line-Epping neighbourhood
The Line/Epping neighbourhood development includes a mixture of state, aff ordable and private market homes in a variety of styles. Civil works are expected to be completed during winter, with house construction likely to begin in late 2019. Three existing houses have also been moved to Line Road adjacent to Taniwha Reserve from elsewhere in the neighbourhood. These will be fully renovated and refurbished, with builders set to finish by the end of the year. The extension of Eastview Rd is also due to open late this year, linking the Line/Epping Neighbourhood with Glen Innes town centre.

Northern Glen Innes neighbourhood
Development partner Creating Communities is building an enclave of ten two and three-bedroom, architect-designed houses on Castledine Crescent in Northern Glen Innes. Five of the homes are connected by a series of walkways and boardwalks that meander through a landscaped native bush setting. Go to for more information.

Wai-O-Taiki Bay neighbourhood
Creating Communities also have a number of recently completed homes available in Wai-O-Taiki Bay on Fernwood, Inglewood and Taniwha Streets. These expansive four-and-fi ve bedroom family homes off er two living areas, are within easy walking distance to Sacred Heart College and many feature water views over Wai-O-Taiki nature reserve and across to Half Moon Bay. Go to for more information.

Farringdon Street development
This small development is located at 71-75 Farringdon Street. Three old houses have been replaced by 11 new state homes, with tenants in the process of moving in.

Hinaki neighbourhood
Approximately 50 state homes along parts of Pilkington Road, Tripoli Road, Torino Street, Parata Street and Hinaki Street will be developed into a mix of state, affordable and private market homes. Civil work on stage one is due to be finished during winter. Hinaki Street will be closed until the end of winter, with work scheduled to replace a major water main that services the area.
Demolition on stage two at the front of the site is complete, with civil works scheduled to begin in late 2019. Demolition is underway on stages three and four at the back of the site, with civil works scheduled to start later in the year.

Tamatea Avenue development
This small development is located at 7-11 Tamatea Avenue and involves the redevelopment of three existing houses into 10 new homes, which are now complete. The terraced houses will see state house tenants moving in during the winter months.

Derna/Tobruk neighbourhood
Approximately 100 new houses will be built in the Derna/Tobruk area, with 19 new homes planned for the first stage around Sollum and Tobruk roads. Houses in the first and second stage have now been demolished.
Rehousing is underway in Stage 3 and demolition will commence late 2019. All new homes in the Derna/Tobruk neighbourhood are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Armein neighbourhood      
The Armein neighbourhood is expected to include approximately 60 new warm, dry homes. These will be a mixture of state, aff ordable and private market houses.
House demolition is complete, with civil works likely to commence late 2019. A development partner is yet to be selected.
A development strategy about how the area will look in the future is currently being worked on.