Acrow labourers Rayquan Teariki and Terry Adamu with yard supervisor Ganesh Kumar

Tāmaki cousins happy with new jobs

16 OCT, 2017 | Tāmaki News

Rayquan Teariki and Terry Adamu are enjoying being part of a great team.

In August, the Glen Innes cousins were hired by ELE Group to work at Acrow, New Zealand's largest scaffolding and events infrastructure company.

They heard about the vacancies through the Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub, which connects Tāmaki people with jobs.

The hub worked in collaboration with the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), ELE Group and the Ministry of Social Development to set the cousins up with interviews.

Now they work as labourers at Acrow’s Mt Wellington yard. Rayquan and Terry both enjoy the practical nature of the work which involves painting scaffolding, sorting out equipment and wielding. 

Rayquan, 19, had been out of work for some time after previously worked in a tiling and flooring company on a casual basis. 

"I wanted to be at work and not at home bored,” he says. “I like working here. There are heaps of good people around." 

Terry says the team is "awesome" and he's already learnt a lot from his co-workers. "Through this job, I've improved my communication skills because you have to work as a team." 

Last year, Terry, 20, completed a level 4 national certificate in carpentry but after that he couldn’t find a job.

"When I finished studying, I wanted to do an apprenticeship but I couldn't because I didn't have a driver’s licence." 

Not having a licence can be a barrier to working in trades, Terry says. "Most jobs start at 6am or 7am and aren't usually at the same work site. It's great that this job is at the same site every day," he says.  

"This job is an opportunity for me. It provides me with money to get a licence, to get site safe accredited, and to buy tools or whatever I need." 

The best thing about the job? "Coming to work every day and earning money,” Terry says. “I hated being at home. I wanted to work." 

Acrow yard supervisor Ganesh Kumar says Rayquan and Terry are doing well. “The key thing is whatever job we give them, they are ready to do it. They’ve got a good attitude to their work.

“They are efficient, but they still need some supervision to stay on track. If they keep building their confidence, they will go far.”

Andy Cowan, from BCITO, agrees. "The most important thing is they come to work every day and they are keen to learn. We'd like to help them get some extra qualifications as well because that will help them progress.” 

What is Andy’s advice for other people looking for work? “Believe in yourself and be upfront in interviews. I tell all jobseekers I meet that if they are open and honest, things will happen for them."

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