Temporary changes to Point England streets

9 APR, 2021 | Tāmaki News

Some temporary changes are coming to Anderson Ave and surrounding streets in Point England as part of Tāmaki Regeneration Company’s Streets4Everyone programme.

The changes, which are currently being installed and will be in place until June 2021, are designed to make our neighbourhoods safer, more playful and to celebrate Tāmaki.

A temporary detour is being added to the roundabout at Anderson Ave and Waddell Ave to reduce traffic speed in the area and make our roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. A crossing zone for school children and pedestrians will make it easier to cross the road.

An existing tree pit on Waddell Ave will be temporarily turned into a kerb extension with planter boxes. It will stop cars blocking access and make it easier for cars to get out of the street.

Other changes include reflective mesh being installed around other tree pits to make them easier to see and painted roundabouts along Anderson Ave will highlight the journey from Maungarei (Mt Wellington), to the Tāmaki Estuary.

Signs highlighting key destinations and walking times will help walkers and cyclists get around, temporary seats at key locations will let walkers and cyclists rest partway through their trip and a Play Along The Way route will make it fun for Point England and Ruapotaka School children to walk to school.

See below for more details about what we’ll be doing or email streets4everyone@tamakiregeneration.co.nz for more information.