The Regeneration Programme

At TRC, we’re working in partnership with the community, HLC, private developers, home builders, Auckland City Council and other stakeholders to ensure we have quality neighbourhoods that support excellent life outcomes for Tāmaki residents now and in the future. 

This means demolishing 2,500 old state homes and replacing them with 7,500 new, warm and dry healthy homes over a 15-20 year period. Together we will create mixed tenure (social, affordable, private) neighbourhoods with great connections to transport, green spaces, quality town centres and social infrastructure. It is anticipated that the number of residents living in Tāmaki will increase from 18,000 to 40,000 across the next 20 years. 

Our regeneration mandate is to achieve four equally important objectives:

Social Transformation

Supporting Tāmaki residents and families to gain the skills, knowledge and employment opportunities to progress their lives. See more here

Economic Development

Strengthening the local economy and unlocking the potential of the Tāmaki area to enable a prosperous community. See more here


Creating safe and connected neighbourhoods that support the social and economic development of Tāmaki and its community. See more here

Housing Resources

Optimising the use of land and existing housing stock to effectively support and deliver social and economic results, including progressing private housing development and better social housing options. See more here

The Tāmaki Regeneration Programme is the catalyst that will provide Tāmaki residents, across Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure, with opportunities to transform their lives.