Looking after your home

Maintenance and repairs

If something at your property needs to be fixed, call us free on 0800 521 555 between 8.00am and 8.00pm, Monday to Friday. If your repair is urgent, including weekends and public holidays, you can still call us free on 0800 521 555.   

Urgent repairs may be:

  • Overflowing toilet or sewage problems
  • Bad water leaks
  • No power or water
  • Electrical safety faults
  • Broken windows or doors that affect the security of your home
  • Stove not working
  • Faulty smoke alarms (when no alarms, or only one, in the property is working)

Non-urgent repairs may be:

  • Fixing door handles
  • Oven light not working
  • An element on the stove not working
  • Painting inside the house
  • Painting outside the house

We’ll aim to get these repaired as soon as possible and we will let you know when that will be.

Potential emergency:

  • If you discover a gas leak, turn off all valves to gas appliances, if this can be done safely, and open windows and doors. If the smell persists, call 111 and go to a safe place outside the house. 

Getting repairs done during Covid-19 Alert Level 1

We will follow these extra steps to keep our tenants and trades team safe while NZ is at Covid-19 Alert Level 1:

  • When you call about a maintenance issue, please let us know if you or anyone in your household has been diagnosed with Covid-19, is experiencing symptoms or has recently been unwell. Our trades team will also ask you about this when they contact you to book your appointment.
  • On arriving, and before they enter your home, our trades team will check to ensure your situation has not changed.
  • If tenants appear unwell, the trades team member may leave without the job being finished. Safety is our key concern.
  • Our trades team are staying home if they’re unwell.
  • Strict hygiene procedures are in place for our trades team.

If something at your property needs to be fixed, call us free on 0800 521 555 between 8.00am and 8.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Maintaining the backyard is your responsibitity

Mowing the lawn and berm (by the road) and weeding the garden is your responsibility and we ask that you make the time to look after these areas.
To assist you, there are free community e-lawn mowers and weed eaters around Tāmaki with community minded residents. All you need to do is arrange a collection time, write your details in the book and return the mower clean.
We recommend you talk with your tenancy manager before changing your backyard to make sure the changes are possible and will not cause
damage to the new home or its surroundings. Remember to keep yourself and others safe when using any power equipment.

E-mowers and weed eaters can be picked up from the following people:

  • TEREMOANA: Ph: 020 4135 7883 17b Torrington Crescent  Glen Innes
  • JEAN: Ph: 0800 521 555 

Contractors in your home

We employ contractors to do maintenance and repairs in Tāmaki Housing homes.

Contractors will call you to agree on a time to do non-urgent work.  They will talk you through any safety precautions that are necessary while they are working and they will respect your privacy and treat your home and possessions with care.

It’s really helpful if you can make sure someone is at home at the time you arranged with a contractor. If you are not there then your repairs will be delayed and it will prevent the contractor from getting other work done on time.

Home visits

Tāmaki Housing team members will visit your home regularly to check:

  • If there are any tenancy issues
  • The condition of the property
  • The property continues to meet the requirements of the Building Act & fire safety regulations
  • Smoke alarms are in place and working 

Talk to your tenancy manager if you have any concerns.  We will let you know when we are planning a home visit.